Solid Bricks

From 2012 Metrocem family brought high quality bricks manufactured by modern automated machine. Beginning of manufacturing brick through an automatic machine, drying cell, special burner installation for whole year best brick’s successive production & supply ensure as per demand of customer. Metrocem Auto Bricks is a producer of “Eco Friendly” bricks. It has the highly efficient kiln technology that ensures lower energy usage, high quality brick production and reduces air pollution. In whole of the world where all are alert against cutting tree and environment pollution, there are current brick fields are polluting environment through use of wood, tire, low quality coal. In that case Metrocem Bricks will use soft fuel technology gas and high quality coal duel fuel. The heat produced from fuel used in the burner of Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) system after use of brick burning not extracting Carbon-di-oxide (CO2), total toxic filth and black smoke by Hot Air Channel will use for dry of raw brick. For sending smoke and heat in the cell of brick drying all the filth through absorbing by raw brick rest will be out in water vapor shape. As a result through protecting exit of CO2 environment pollution will be controlled.