To hold the commitment with employees in the regards of health and safety, Metrocem Auto Bricks follows a specific set of guidelines and procedures. Most of these are detailed herewith.


No additional countermeasures for environment pollution are required in our production plants. The technology we used ensured low level of local pollution and very low level of greenhouse gas emissions as well. Under the UNEP/WEO project air quality around the plant is periodically monitored to ensure that it meets air quality standards. The Department of Environment also provided their certification and approval.


- Occupational Hazard and Prevention related knowledge is regularly propagated by professionals

- Plant Physician is available for immediate medical consultation


- Mandatory usage of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the plant premises

- Risk assessments in every facets of operation, followed by devising and training of Safe Operative Procedures (SOP) in observance with Mandatory Operative Procedures (MOP)

- Accident prevention checklist and tools in various activities and their availability to ensure safety

- Practice of reporting "Near Miss Hazard Alert", detecting unsafe doings and settings to avoid accidents/incidents

- Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to investigate incidents to gain insights for much safer operations

- Fire Prevention and Emergency Response drills and awareness training

- Safety awareness programs for haulers- truck drivers/helpers, barge operators and labors